Sten (Rome) and Lex (Taranto), both born in 1982, are considered the main Italian masters of the stencil technique. Their common artistic path began in Rome in 2001 and their works are all extremely graphic, characterized by their use and black and white. Since Roman times, Sten Lex's works have become part of the urban landscape of cities such as London, Paris, Barcelona and New York.In 2008, they took part in the Cans Festival: Banksy invited thirty-nine street artists from around the world. In 2008 and 2010, they took part in the "Nuart" Festival in Stavanger, Norway, with important artists like Blek le Rat, D-Face, Vhils and Roa. In 2013, they entered the contemporary art world with large-scale pieces in museums, such as the Contemporary Art di Oaxaca (Messico). In 2017, they also presented their work at the “Cross the Streets” in MACRO Roma and “Brighter days are coming” in the Street Art Museum in San Pietroburgo. In 2018 their works were exhibited at the Gagliardi Museum of Noto on the occasion of the exhibition "ABSTRACTA - from Balla to Street Art", also the MUCA Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art of Berlin.