GONZALO BORONDO (1989, Spain) Linking figurative painting and installations with their physical and psychological contexts, Gonzalo Borondo’s work is led by the will to confront the human in his symbolic complexities.  The question of ancestral heritage formed the basis of his artistic practice, along with the influences that he got from spending a lot of time in the streets while studying in Madrid, building up a critical and an unconventional mind.The realities of graffiti, activism and alternative art collectives in which he started to evolve in 2003 played the role of a complementary art school in his training at the Academy of Fine Arts, and connected his practice directly to the everyday life. Borondo’s work is a crossing between a do-it-yourself punk chaotic dissemination of fragments, and a religiously accomplished classical construction of representations. He plays with the codes while trying to stay outside of conventions. He breaks the limit of what is imposed by the heritage of a place while paying tribute to it in a respectful way. His personal language is made of human contradictions, the symbiosis of an opposite image.