16 April - 28 May 2016

Martina Merlini

MAGMA gallery is glad to invite you to the new exhibition 4URBAN TALES.
With this event the gallery continues its research in the Urban Art, an artistic expression among the most interesting and evolving internationally, choosing to proposing to the public four major artists, Tellas, Martina Merlini, Made514 and Hazul that through the difference in their paths and styles, allow to have a broader look on the contemporary art scene.

TELLAS - Cagliari, 1985
The origin of his sign is inspired by the constituent and essential elements of the natural landscape, in a complex combination between space and form. Listed in 2014 by the Huffington Post US one of the 25 most interesting street artists worldwide, Tellas participated, as well as to countless festivals and International collaborations, also to "La Tour Paris 13 Project", considered one of the most innovative contemporary art projects worldwide, and to "Artmosphere", the first Street Art Biennale in Moscow.

Martina Merlini - Bologna, 1986
From illustration to geometric abstraction; an evolution that leads the artist to experience and learn about herself through various expressive contexts: graphics, street art, installations.
Materials like wax and enamels, applied to poor media such as paper and wood, express the constant search of a quiet and powerful balance of the composition, with thick and symmetrical pictorial strokes suddenly disjointed by new forces and forms that seem to follow natural instincts and impulses.

Made514 - Padova, 1975
Sharp lines that chase and merge with soft shapes, alternating with explosive drippings and impulsive gestures; letters that become pictorial fluid, sometimes joining the figurative world.
These are some of the expressive characteristics of Made514, historical name of graffiti art in Italy, who began his career in the early 90s, distinguishing since then for his technical skills and the strong and continuous desire to experiment.

Hazul – Porto,1981
At his first exhibition in Italy, Hazul offers his particular vision of urban art, creating a dialogue between the classic lettering and the images or symbols related to the nature. His wall paintings can be found on many streets of Portugal, and Porto in particular. His style is immediately recognizable, attempted to find a sense of artistic and social harmony. His works can also be found in Le Mur, the historic birthplace of street art in Paris, as well as in Germany and Spain. Among other works, both paintings that sculptural, will also be presented a beautiful lightbox.

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