Peeta | Different Equilibria

28 January – 19 March 2016

About Peeta​

MAGMA gallery opens in Bologna and is glad to present Different Equilibria, a solo show by Peeta (Manuel Di Rita), one of the most well-known writers of the contemporary scene. Presenting never before seen works dating from 2011 to today, the works portray his latest artistic research, always personal and  instantly recognizable.
Each work is a new self-portrait of sorts, which filters and represents the emotions of the artist through the sculptural material of the single letters that creates the alias Peeta. The paintings thus become the area where the language is pictorial rhythm, where a clever play of light and shadow emphasizes the harmony and the balance of the lettering between soft and sharp shapes. A style that over the years, from the study of industrial design and sculpture, has grown and confronts itself with graffiti, giving life to the 3D painting technique of Peeta. A slow and steady path, that does not hide the signs of its evolution in the new works, such as Flashback and Desires, where cracks and peeling surfaces, otherwise perfect, show symbolically the presence of the various pictorial and design steps, necessary to achieve the final result. In other works, such as Mellow Side and Grapewine, the incessant pictorial mutation of this artist is represented on the canvas through the dialogue between the lettering and abstract shapes, organically inspired, that seem to cover it.
Different Equilibria, due to the number of works on display, allows then to recognize or discover the endless and surprising changes in the work of Peeta, an artist who, like few others, seems to bring on the canvas the same fluidity, the same silence, and the same dynamism of life around us.
With this first exhibition MAGMA gallery offers its own unique ooint of view on the contemporary art scene, highlighting from this first event its interest for established and young protagonists of the urban art scene.

Peeta, also known as Manuel Di Rita, has been a graffiti artist since 1993. Currently living in Venice, he is a member of the EAD crew (Padova, Italy), FX and RWK crews (New York City) and has participated in graffiti jams and Meeting of Styles events in Europe and the Americas.