Spok Brillor (Madrid 1978) began his career through graffiti over 20 years ago. During his long career he has carried out about 30 public interventions and has participated in exhibitions in more than 10 countries. Having graduated in Fine Arts, Spok achieved his unique style in less than 9 years, from 1994 to 2003, initially bombing trains and walls with his local crew, TBC. Subsequently, his style evolved and he began to make private projects, for example in Mexico, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong and Miami.
Spok Brillor through his works represents a world inhabited by incredible fictional characters, but not forgetting the writing from which it comes, sometimes including his signature in the portrait context, with an even more surreal effect. His work is known for his references to black humor and to the great pictorial technique employed, which immediately catalyzes the viewer’s attention.
Over time, Spok took part in prestigious exhibitions held for example at the Thyssen Museum in Madrid, the Instituto Cervantes, Somerset House and participating in the Wynwood Walls circuit among others. His collaborations with brands such as Adidas and Absolut are also important.